oVirt Node is a small scale operating system acting as a hypervisor under the oVirt umbrella. In general Node will behave more like firmware than a general purpose operating system.

This guide is intended for developers. It describes the design and implementation of Node, in order to to learn how to use and contribute to Node.

Node tries to meet a couple of goals:

  • Stability is a main goal. We want a reliable hypervisor.
  • Ease of use because it provides everything necessary and is easy to administer
  • Upgrades & Rollback to rollback if an upgrade fails or leads to an unstable environment
  • Online & Offline Customization for installing packages for debugging and/or extending the base image
  • Testable to support the goal of being stable

Node is not aiming for the following goals:

  • General purpose operating system
  • Flexible
  • Package based
  • Minimal (though we try to have an eye on bloat)

To read about Node's future or speak to other Node users you can check the wiki pages and join our IRC channel.